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PTCL Speed test is a free internet tool to test your internet speed live now. We provide the all-time best internet DSL speed test for your broadband connection. The Ping, upload, and download speeds will be monitored in real-time to measure your connection stability and service quality.  

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Best PTCL Speed Test – Internet Speed Checker in Pakistan

Why Ptcl Speed Test is the best internet speed test PTCL in Pakistan?

The online PTCL Speed Test tool is to check your broadband speed without any steps. The online DSL speed test will find the current internet speed that you are using for any ISP. As you know that PTCL is the top telecommunication company offering high-speed internet services in all the big and small cities of Pakistan, the usage of speedtest ptcl internet is going on peak day by day.

Some residual and parallel companies are found but cannot be equal to this top brand. I am using PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) Internet as their prices are low than others and packages are very affordable for each one. And the issues are resolved on my single call to the agent. Web Solution will provide you with an internet speed test PTCL which is an accurate real-time tester. moreover, like the official PTCL online speed test this utility is working more intellectually for users.

Features of PTCL Speed test tool:

The PTCL Speed test tool is one of the best Broadband speed checkers by PTCL in Pakistan that have many features that you want to find with a free speed test. We guarantee that the PTCL Speed Test present considerably correct speed information as compared to other internet speed test PTCL Tools.

PTCL Broadband and PTCL EVO users are a huge number in the Whole of Pakistan. EVO looks at the Highest Wireless broadband connection for high-Speed internet availability in Pakistan. Basically, it Functions on 3G Network, and usually, through EVO you can get an average of 300-500Kbps Downloading Speed. Best PTCL Speed Test internet speed test ptcl

EVO is considered an excellent internet connection countrywide; you can connect it easily where you prefer to use the internet like a house, in an office, and in the manner, with the highest connection speed.

By using the PTCL Speed Test, we will check the accurate speed of Broadband Web internet speed test PTCL, EVO speed quality, PTCL Speed test tool free of charge, and efficiency of Wireless acceleration. Whenever you use the internet check the speed of download and upload with this Speed Test website. This will help you to update the internet services and one can clear any issue timely from their offices.

How does the Speed test PTCL Test work for testing PTCL broadband Internet Speed?

Do you know how How Speed test PTCL works for you? If not then find the steps on how this free PTCL Speed test tool will help you to check your internet speed. PTCL broadband speed test meter will give you the finest and most accurate result.

PTCL DSL speed test provides the finest and most accurate result but keeps at heart during the internet speed test PTCL you must close all your valuable fully working accounts that include browsing, live streaming views, your active high volume files downloads, and any kind of connection that may count for your download and upload pings. During the speed Test of PTCL, make sure all connections are closed to obtain the best and most accurate result.

Sometimes there might be viruses and some computer issues which interrupt internet speed, therefore, Speed test PTCL finds that our service providers Like Evo, Wateen possess some problems but actually there might be a problem in our own system or we using wifi that has low signals like wifi router is in other room and we also are far from that device which signal strength is low.

Pakistan Telecom Company Limited is among the leading broadband service providers in Pakistan. PTCL is offering 1 MB to 8 Mb Speed for an ordinary customer with unlimited download. You can measure the power of the internet of PTCL by free speedtest ptcl checkers.

Why is PTCL Broadband internet the best in Pakistan?

The PTCL Broadband is reliable but the main issue that users and Broadband service providers face is the phone line, which will be the main cause of low internet speed because sometimes there may be some cut within the line, and is very hard to learn where in actuality the issue is which can be very irritating for the customer.

As a result of these issues, many customers love to use Evo Wingle, nitro, and Charjee since these devices do not have boundaries. It is possible to do a 3g Evo Wingle PTCL Speed Test for checking the internet speed test PTCL online. This can be an age of competition & every company is attempting to provide its finest for its customers in Pakistan.

There is a lot of load on networks everybody is aware of the internet and using day and night so Telecommunication companies are working on it. As a result of this problem, every user attempts to check their internet connection and the downloading and uploading speed of the service provider providing. However, the DSL Speed Test provides you with a detailed result. For those who have doubts in regards to the PTCL Speed Test or Speed test, the PTCL result kindly does Internet speed tests more than once.


Download Speed

Find the peek download speed for your internet connection in a few seconds. Know your connection Power for downloading videos. 


Upload Speed

YouTubers love the internet upload speed for video uploading on youtube. So check your connection uploading speed.




Check PING network test transmits data packets to a specific IP address and either confirms or denies there is connectivity between IP-networked devices.

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What do you have to pay for using PTCL SPEED TEST TOOL?

Speed Test PTCL Internet is a free tool that cost you not a single penny. You can check your internet speed at any time while you or on a mobile or desktop computer. You will see the results of your download speed, upload speed, and PING data in a few seconds.


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Why use PTCL Speed Test Tool?

If you are a routine internet user and have routine internet speed issues, then bookmark our website where you can see the live internet speed of your DSL Broad Band connection. If you once use our PTCL speed Test tool then you will be a happy visitor or this website.

Internet Browsing

If you are on a browser and want to check your internet speed, then simply click the speed test tool and you will see the speed of your internet.

All time checking for you

The speed of the internet is used all time by vising any link or watching videos, so the PTCL speed test tool works all time and in real time for checking your internet speed.

The workflow assistant

Working online is very smart, but if your internet goes off at the end of publishing, then your data may be lost, so testing your internet speed will assist you to work smoothly.

Main features of PTCL SPEED TEST?

WiFi Speed Test Online

WiFi Speed Test Online will check your Wifi connection speed in Megabits and Killobites..

Date Safety online

We care about visitor privacy and do not track any kind of information for any purpose..

Web Surfing & Email No Video Streaming

Web Surfing & Email No Video Streaming and Get Unlimited, Metered, or a combination of both plans to meet the needs of your employee base.

End-to-end secure encryption

End-to-end secure encryption of messages, room names, and files by using this free tool.


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A very powerful tool that allows me to use it daily while I am browsing the internet for my blogging and article writing. This tool assists me while publishing my article with high-quality images. 

I have used many internet speed tools, but this one is helping me for the last 2 years, Thanks ptclspeedtest tool team for providing such a nice and free tool.

One thing I m using this tool it that it works very fast, I have to do nothing and it provides me results without wasting time. Looking so smart and powerful.