PTCL is one of the best Internet providers in Pakistan, with core control and high speed for all its users. PTCL Unlimited Internet has a very high upload and download speed for this custom user as per demand. See 19 July 2024 today price.

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PTCL internet is used widely by all application developers, bloggers, social media users, Vloggers, and all kinds of online businesses in Pakistan.

The PTCL Packages are very affordable for video uploading, gaming, data processing, and online applications use with maximum speed and 100% connectivity for its uses. Here you can see all PTCL DSL Packages 2024 with prices, duration, and the allowed data volume.


06 MB Package

Package Name Volume duration Price
Up to 6 Mbps Unlimited 01 Month 1,750


Note: The 06 Mbps PTCL DSL Package is also available as 1 MB, 2 MB, 4 MB in some areas of Pakistan where the fiber optical is not available.

8 Mbps PTCL Package

Package Name Volume duration Price
Up to 8 Mbps Unlimited 01 Month 2,150

15 Mbps PTCL Package

Package Name Volume duration Price
Up to 15 Mbps Unlimited 01 Month 2,650


 25 Mbps PTCL Package

Package Name Volume duration Price
Up to 25 Mbps Unlimited 01 Month 3,200


50 Mbps PTCL Package

Package Name Volume duration Price
Up to 50 Mbps Unlimited 01 Month 5,000


100 Mbps PTCL DSL Package

Package Name Volume duration Price
Up to 6 Mbps Unlimited 01 Month 7,500


Main features of Using PTCL internet packages:

  • Various packages including 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps Speed according to the user’s demand
  • They offer Unlimited Bandwidth usage for all their customers.
  • GPON is available for fiber optic connectivity in Major areas of Pakistan
  • The most demanded by YouTubers “VDSL” connections are available with video uploading with extremely high speed
  • DSL is widely used for online working with the cheapest net packages.

About PTCL DSL packages:

The PTCL DSL packages 2024 are utilized with a variant of demand all over Pakistan. People buy these PTCL broadband packages according to their demand. Some need high data and speed and some need only for browsing social media. Some need live YouTube streaming and some need high uploading speed for video uploading. You also may need it according to your requirements.

You can see that PTCL has offered many DSL packages with a range from 01 Mbps, 2 Mbps, 4 Mbps, 6 Mbps, 8 Mbps, 15 Mbps, 25 Mbps, 50 Mbps, and 100 Mbps PTCL Packages in Pakistan different areas.

Here we will discuss the main advantages after we got a PTCL connection for our usage.

Reason to buy PTCL internet packages 2024 with Cheap rates:

The prime reason for using the PTCL Unlimited Internet is that it is offered in thousands of cities in Pakistan. All districts, tehsils and most of the far villages are also provided the facility of these cheap internets in Pakistan.

The PTCL broadband is liked by me due to its unmatched speed and all-time connectivity at home. The other reason is that it is very cheap in contrast to other broadband providers. One can buy a cheap connection and use it for sharing hence getting very low prices in satisfying service.

If your connection causes any kind of disturbance in speed for uploading or downloading, then check the PTCL Speed test and complain if you are not satisfied.

Online media reporters movie lovers, talk shows, music lovers, and online YouTube streamers can enjoy unlimited fun with your PTCL broadband DSL connection.

You can only get HD online movies and filed downloads by PTCL internet in a very short time. The speeds of their internet are amazing with very high download and upload pings.

The best thing about PTCL net packages is that their latest modems have free WIFI facilities that can be connected with expensing extra charges by a Wi-Fi modem or hotspot device to connect your mobiles and wireless devices to the internet.

You also get a Free PTCL Smart TV App with your connection to see the latest live drama and movies online on your LCD screen without any cost. And you also can enjoy Unlimited On-Net calls from PTCL to PTCL and Ufone without any charges by PTCL Broadband connection.

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